Preppy Santa Claus Libre 3 Tape - CGM Patch

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Stylize and secure your Libre 3 with our Preppy Santa Claus CGM Tape!

Sized Specifically for Libre 3

✅ SAFE ON SKIN - Our biocompatible Libre 3 adhesive patches are breathable and lightly stretch for comfort. Rid yourself of irritation, itching and discomfort.

💦 WATERPROOF AND SWEATPROOF - Designed with an active lifestyle in mind, our continuous glucose monitor patches let you swim, shower and exercise without worrying about your sensor falling off.

💪 LONG LASTING 14+ Day WEAR TIME - Be confident that your CGM sensor patches will stay firmly attached with our durable material. With a 100% acrylic adhesive, these patches are built to last.

🙌 EASY APPLICATION - Our flexible Libre 3 CGM adhesive patches are easy to peel and apply. The split backing allows for simple application. We laser cut our CGM tape for a perfect fit.

🤸 BE YOURSELF - With Over 250 Designs Available And A Premium-Grade Material, Buddy Patches Allow You To Be You. This Isn't Your Typical Diabetic Patch. Be Confident In Your Own Skin.

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